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NEW PERSPECTIVE PODCAST EP 160: Hellcats on Growing an Audience, Brand Cohesiveness, & Selling Merch

Do you struggle with building a cohesive brand or want to get started in the merch game? If so, today's podcast is for you.

It seems everyone and their grandma wants to start a clothing line or slang merch these days (I say this because I’m guilty of both). 

Today’s guests are the power duo Brittany Reagan and Clark Orr of Hellcats. They've have been in this game slanging their own knick-knacks and dope little trinkets for a hot minute now. 

They know how much time goes into gaining traction and the effort behind the scenes of running a business when everyone else just sees the fun of designing and prototyping through social media. 

We go deep on brand cohesiveness, blending your interests and passion, growing an audience, pizza, and more!

Watch or Listen to the full episode here.

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