Call On Courage

Shame & failure

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I need to talk about something tough.

How do you see stuff that you’ve gone for but doesn’t go to plan?
Not, what do you do next?
Or here’s how to deal with it...
How do you view it?
The F-💣

I kinda hate that word. I can’t stand the weight of it. Or the smell of it.
It’s rooted in fear and embarrassment. And worse still, it hangs around with shame.
If you’re ever going through a momentous amount of ‘stuff not working out’ or know someone who is - please don’t say anything platitude-y. Listening is a powerful stance to take.

If we’re ever looking from the outside in on someone’s venture that they’ve had to step away from - the feelings can run as cuttingly as grief. Loss (in business) isn’t confined to money, materials or time. It’s connected to those invisible, powerful forces - dreams, the people we serve with our businesses, and a genuine passion to see something that wasn’t there before. Those can be the harder things to say goodbye to.

I want to encourage you - if you’ve experienced any of this - to step away from the shame, of what could’ve been. Don’t let your confidence be undermined by trying and losing. If you’re in spitting distance of other people’s judgement - remind yourself of this - did they get anywhere near the starting line, for the sort of race you entered?

There’s people that have no sense of perspective that are quick to offer an opinion on what you did. It’s the critics that hold little experience or perspective that are more likely to judge.

The beautiful thing about a F-💣 experience: you see the people you’ve always known who will dig deep and bolster you with their love and support. Of all the things to invest your time, love, talents and treasure into - make sure you build an inner tribe that’s going to go that distance with you. They will cheer you on when there’s plenty to 🍾🥂 and also when you’re facing chaos.

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