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👨‍💻 Hey!

A regular email app lacks team collaboration features. We may not think about it, but it’s a big deal for people whose jobs focus around the inbox.

⚡️ What was the challenge?
How do you take an idea known from products like Google Docs or Dropbox Paper and translate it into an Inbox?

💡 Meet our solution.
We took an established pattern of commenting feature and applied it to email threads. We allowed users to mention each other to discuss their emails and collaborate on sales opportunities. It’s far more convenient than forwarding conversations or sharing them on Slack.

🤔 What have we learnt?
We’ve realized how much you can change the concept of a product just by adding a single feature. In this case, introducing team discussions completely shifted the users’ perception of the Inbox. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when an opportunity to connect the dots lays within your arm’s reach.

🌶 What’s Chili Piper?
Founded in 2016, Chili Piper was profitable just after 9 months in business, all bootstrapped! Since then they’ve been innovating the way revenue teams work by building products that are custom-tailored to their needs.

Internetting since our moms got dial-ups.

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