7 Responses

  1. Taylor Pemberton Taylor Pemberton

    12 months ago

  2. Justin Hall Justin Hall

    That's the one.

    12 months ago

  3. Kyle Read Kyle Read

    you workin on this? Kern that thang.

    12 months ago

  4. Taylor Goad Taylor Goad

    This is better

    12 months ago

  5. Taylor Pemberton Taylor Pemberton

    @Kyle Read It's mathematically perfect in terms of kerning... I think photoshop compressed a few of the edges to make it look off.

    12 months ago

  6. Kyle Read Kyle Read

    Cool, looks good man. I'd just optically be sure that the /hi/ space is got enough air.

    12 months ago

  7. Jord Riekwel Jord Riekwel

    This is the one.

    11 months ago

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