Wazi iPhone theme


So I just relased my new iPhone theme. You can buy for 1.99$
Yeah, 2 bucks...sorry but its not much ;)

Includes themed:
SMS, SBSettings, stock and thirdparty icons, setting icons,
notification center, dialer, lockscreen, battery, keylock and some more!

It will hopefully be on Cydia in a couple of days.

Please note the theme is only tested on iOS 6.0+

Big pics: http://goo.gl/T1U7G
Buy here: www.webxpress.se
Its now live in Cydia!!
Planed updates:

* Redo the phone part
* Add additional icons to Auxo
* More thirdparty icons
* Liveclock
* Weather icon tweak
* Buggfixes

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