Lamija J.

Daily UI - Music App

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I wanted to create a simple UI/UX for a music app.

Instead of putting placeholder music titles I decided to incorporate some of my favourite songs I found. You can listen to these amazing artists and tracks here:

nord. - without you, what to do

Listen to nord. - without you, what to do by nord. on #SoundCloud

Cantrip - Lysergic

Listen to Lysergic by Cantrip on #SoundCloud

Essence - you never called.

Listen to you never called. by Essence on #SoundCloud

SPEECHLESS - Keep On Going

Listen to Keep On Going [Listen on Spotify/Apple] by SPEECHLESS😶 on #SoundCloud

Jordy Chandra - Your Sadness

Listen to Your Sadness (Dreamy Exclusive) - Jordy Chandra by Jordy Chandra on #SoundCloud

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