Team management popup

Team management popup

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This is my first post here and I hope it's not too forward that I ask for some feedback with what I'm trying to achieve in this screen.

Some info:
This is a popup dialog that allows a user to manage their team members and project collaborators. Team members and project collaborators are two separate things in this app: Your team is a list of people that you invite, collaborators are specific to projects that you create (kind of like how basecamp does it). Not all team members will have access to all your projects.

So, with this in mind I needed to design something simple that allows for 3 functions:
- Invite new people (they might or might not already be registered on the system)
- Assign team members to the current project or delete them entire
- Remove team members from the current project

My question: Is this apparent when you look at the attached designs?

Thanks a mil for your time!

♣ Wixel

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