Vappuum - The vacuum cleaner app

Who doesn’t love robot 🤖 vacuum cleaners? We honestly don’t know anyone who has tried one and then switched back to the tedious chore of using a regular hoover. And cats love them too😻, so there has to be something about them…

We were inspired to design the “Vappuum” app when we saw how colorless and unappealing the alternatives were from robotic vacuum producers. We felt they were dull and didn’t communicate the joy of having a clean home without having to lift a finger! We therefore decided to bring a user-friendly design and a more cheerful palette to Vappuum 🌈

It’s not all form over function, too. The main functionality we found important was scheduling cleaning and selecting zones for the vacuum cleaner to cover. That’s why we added an unlimited number of cleaning zones, an intuitive weekly planner, and the possibility of zooming the map to get into those tight corners.

Be sure to check out the animation... and happy cleaning to all the robot🤖 fans out there!

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