Anna Zinchenko

Dashboard for Medical Facilities

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Hey 👋
I have been working on Diem for more than a year now. Here is one of the screens, (Web Dashboard for Medical Facilities) I wanted to share with you!

Using this app, you can manage your employees HR files (track and verify their License/IDs Expirations), do new hire onboarding, assign annual training videos to watch, create patient assignments and many many more!

After doing a research (Never ended) and talking to many HRs and Auditors (not only to them), I saw a huge technology gap in health industry.
GUYS!!! Those people are still using old softwares that are no more sophisticated than Excel Tables!!! Softwares that require 12h training to get an idea of how actually to use them! (And a manual book 24/7 next to you). HRs keep track of the nurses' licenses expirations in their personal phones! HR Files are all paper! (God forbid if there is a fire or something). I keep hearing, " I won't be able to survive the next audit, it is too stressful. I will quit."

I feel really sorry for "health industry" people. I feel that it is our responsibility to design USER FRIENDLY (Means easy to use, means no training needed ) products so they can really concentrate on what matters most. I know my designs are never perfect, but I have a passion for trying to make users' lives easier. Please, don't just design for dribble, people really need help. Be a #designhero

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