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I’m super happy to present you Tasks feature that we've been working on lately at Contractbook. Tasks allow you to delegate work and collaborate on documents to execute quicker. Thanks to this solution, teams can stay on top of review and negotiation processes. Here you can learn more about Tasks

The objective was to allow all parties of a signed contract to execute the steps of the contract lifecycle, specifically the creation of actionable tasks and management of expectations after the signature. This feature was created with team setups and legal professionals in mind. The goal was to simplify the teamwork, increase transparency and compliance which will give our users peace of mind.

The Process
The Tasks feature creation process was not simple in any way and required plenty of iterations and moving back-and-forth with solutions. On one hand, it was necessary to take into account the specifics of our product and the fact that we work with sensitive data that only authorized persons should have access to. On the other hand, we want to provide our users with the most fluid and accessible workflow possible. Linking these two aspects required a lot of conceptual work and close work of the entire product team.

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Special credits belong to our talented developers Vlado Rosančić and Jan Metrycki, who were the masterminds behind this whole puzzle, and to Bogdana Konovalenko, who has consistently supported us in validating our ideas and caught all possible edge cases.

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