Yova Web Style Guidelines

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Yova’s back for one more time.

We made them these shiny brand-new web style guidelines in order to make sure that they have all the needed parameters before they get their hands into the development of the real deal. Here are all strictly defined rules, which will lead them in the front-end web development process (from small UI elements - buttons, hover states, all the way to the headings, grid, and margins).

In these stylish web style guidelines are all those tiny details, both UI and UX, which are predefined so that no one ever goes dead street, but to rather easily add a new button, form, paragraph, section or photo - or adding a new page, or even scaling the whole website - while keeping the same parameters/consistency of the main ‘setup’.

Thanks to our dear friend Stefan who helped us a lot in composing these style guidelines.

For now, this would be all from Yova. Thanks for your love and attention. Till the next time, cheers.

Art direction: Petar Stojakovic
Branding: Marko Ivanovic
Web design: Petar Stojakovic
Motion: Nebojsa Jurcic

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