Peter Troutner

Mbutfu Community Centre Symbols

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I had the exciting opportunity to work with some friends I met through church on creating the identity for the community centre they are launching in Mbutfu, Eswatini. The process was amazing as I grasped their vision of a community seeking to grow connections and spread the love of Jesus. Their centre (Mbutfu Community Centre) is focused on three things - Sports, Education, and Discipleship. The first step after research become boiling these ideas down into shapes which illustrated their three values.

Sports could easily be represented with a circle to indicate a ball of some sort. Since soccer is one of their main sports at the center this became the shape.

Education in many ways is about learning and growing so an arrow carried the meaning of upward movement.

And discipleship is about multiplication - taking one person and growing exponentially from there so a multiplication symbol or X became a way to symbolize this key principle.

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