Logo Fabricated

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This takes one of the logo forms from, http://drbl.in/Mov and adds some fabrication to it.

Beginning work on an identity overhaul for my design studio, running under my name, Mike Precious. My existing identity at www.mikeprecious.com lacks the true representation of my character, and how I present myself as a professional. The effort with this overhaul is to identify and realize that true representation of myself as a professional. I'm an individual that embraces the classic-contemporary approach. I appreciate modern, but believe in the principles and proven things of the past. I like retro, vintage, and enduring classic.

Please note that on the design execution side of things, it's rough, preliminary work. Please reserve the "your edges are blurry", or "you're off a pixel" for subsequent iterations. Looking for some high level feedback on the conceptualization only at this point.


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