Portfolio Redesign - Responsive Mobile Version

Screen shot 2013 04 16 at 3.27.03 pm

So this is what the responsive version of my new portfolio design could look like. I just started on it today, so it's kind of rough, but I'm liking the direction.

You can see the full design yet, but I've split the sidebar (which contains the header and sidebar stuff like tweets, links, etc) in two parts as to control what the user sees at the top. Nobody cares about our tweets lol.

I also added some subtle gradients to my name in the header, and some subtle drop shadows. I'm trying out a more flat design, but still throwing in subtle styles to show depth and not bore the user to death.

Follow me on Forrst if you'd like more in depth views of the redesign.. I should be uploading a full comp of the desktop version sometime today. :)

Update: I've posted the full comp on Forrst!

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