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Night Mode GPS

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Hello! 👋

As mentioned in my previous post, here is my proposed idea for a "night mode" GPS. The aim is to tailor for every user: Tackling the concerns of safety especially for a woman walking home, displaying a safer alternative and as well as allowing users themselves to decide.

1. My ideal goal is for this concept idea is the user being able to use this in the day and night. Cultivating unique travel routes for the user's own needs and preferences.

- Allowing smart journey planning, where the app can help navigate and optimize both safety + time for users. Time being the fastest route to get to a destination. Safety being routed that may/may not take longer, providing the safest route where they are lighted streets, avoiding parks/ dark carparks/ alleys etc.

2. Whenever unsafe, the app allows users to report unusual activities or incidences encountered, ensuring the continuous improvement for future journey's planning.

Personally, this project concept resonates with me. As far as I understand, a safety app isn’t going to end all possible assaults or protect women in general. And a “night mode GPS” isn’t going to stop women from being followed or harassed. However, I find it useful and in the near future, it could possibly be a tool that may help save some lives. (maybe even working with police to ensure a more protected community)

I'll admit that there are rooms for more improvisation but this project will be on hold for now. Perhaps sometime in the future, I'll take on this project again. Ideally, maybe making it a community-based app, where users can share and converse with one another to ensure each other's safety, etc.

For now, I'll be moving on!

I would appreciate any constructive feedback/ questions/suggestions and come show some! ❤️

Still working on my mediums and Behance so stay tuned for more readings + visuals.

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