Watch Flippers - Final Brandmark

Wf shot final

The final logo for the WF Private Trading Group. The next phase of the design is now in progress.

After exploring quite a few typefaces, including Akzidenz Grotesk, DIN, and a few others, I settled on the Gotham family. It was a good match for the mark and the various angles created within the mark. The company itself is a private trading group for high-end watches, with prices ranging from five to six figures. The lettering and angles are based on the lines created by intersecting the various hour marks on the face of the watch. It's a 'rule' that I tried to adhere to as much as possible when I developed the mark. In the end, it proved to be a good approach as it allowed me to balance out the negative space between the WF mark and the secondary watch element around the mark.

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