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Egg & Soldier

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Literally one of my favourite meals on this earth. Eggs and Soldiers.

Which spurred me on to create an Egg & Soldier logo. Could be for a logo for a pub, restaurant or something like that.

Steps to my perfect eggs with dippy soldiers.

- Toast some bread.
- Boil kettle.
- Take out toasted bread and stand them up so the condensate on the breadboard.
- Let toast cool.
- Put 3 eggs in a pan. Pour over freshly boiled water.
- Whip out your iPhone, set timer to 5 minutes 30.
- Boil those beauties.
- Heavily butter your cooled toast.
- Cut into soldiers.
- Get your plate, egg cup and a small spoon.
- Do not forget the salt.
- Spoon eggs out of boiling water, one into your egg cup, 2 beside.
- Align heavily buttered soldiers around.
- Smash the top off.
- Salt and use those toasted soldiers to dip the goodness right out.

Photo by Cayla1

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