2.0 Shared photo library LIVE

2.0 Shared photo library LIVE

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JustFamily 2.0 is LIVE!
Download it for free on the app store.

Updates include:
✐ Shared photo library
✐ Organize photos by event, place, people, or location
✐ Smart & manual collections
✐ Shared household accounts
✐ Public share links
✐ Collaborative collections
and a whole lot more…

Why can you not live without it?
Now all of you people who upload oodles of pictures of your kids to instagram (you know who you are…) can collect your photos into one place where they are safe and always accessible. Yes, while you are buying groceries. Or even while you are skydiving, as long as you have good reception. "But that would be chaotic!" you say… no, no it wouldn't. we made cool things to make that easier. Oh, and your mom can see them too. And your grandma. Oh and they can help you organize them too. Your welcome.



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