Mark Patience

Data & Analytics Identity

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A deep immersion into the business resulted in a powerful idea to propel the business forward and crystallize a sense of what makes Cigna D&AE special. We called this idea Creative Performance.

It’s a core organizing thought that combines Cigna D&AE’s biggest strength — its innovative creative technologies, processes and people.
— with its customers’ most important need: Results.
From products and services to culture and image, it’s an idea to drive every part of the enterprise.

Our logo is based on simple unified shapes. It is carefully constructed to maintain ownable characteristics while allowing for legibility at any size on any application or device at scale.

The concept aims to articulate identity, individuality and team unity embodied in creative performance that makes this unity possible.

The direction of the asymmetrical shape form is an ever-changing expression of innovation, progression and growth.

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