No it's not done yet. I'm finishing up the last touches, and dialing in the content and assets. You might want to expect another shot tonight though, you heard it.

(Now imagine me talking like Sir Jonathan Ive, white background, British accent and all)

One of the biggest goals of this redesign was to have a unique experience on your mobile devices. To create a mobile friendly portfolio site, I had to forget about web, and rethink how I laid out every single section, how you interact with the pages to take advantage of your powerful mobile devices.

So today, I'm happy to announce my website will be not only viewable but enjoyable on iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, Android, Kindle and Blackberry devices.

And last but not least, I want to talk about this icon in a separate paragraph. I know it looks like campaign monitor logo sideways, and pretty sure it looks like 2 million other logos that used the letter "K" creatively. @Brian Plemons originally started to play with this idea on February 27, 2012 as far as I can date it. I loved it back then, I still do, but I wanted to make couple changes, then @Brent Jackson rolled out his lovely Papercraft font at the end of 2012. I used the letter "K" from this font, untouched, unedited, and I liked it and kept it.


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