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We are working on a new project with my buddies Gabriel Stik, Quentin Cettier & Matthieu Toussaint. For a school project, we had to choose a brand and create a generative design concept about it. We chose Supertrash.

Supertrash is company based in New Zealand concerned by creating compostable waste collection service to help businesses minimise their waste to landfill. We loved their branding and the idea to work with this kind of service.
Their website :


We are going to create a website for companies who want to use their services for specific events such as festivals. We want to generate 3D bins with three.js thanks to the event's details (location, time, kind of waste...).

We worked on the landing page to promote the website. We are working now on the 3D generative concept. More about it during the next weeks ✨

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