Iryna Nezhynska

Logo for DWeb community

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“The Decentralized Web is a concept.
It’s a set of technologies.
It’s a network of builders and designers and dreamers.
What started with small gatherings in San Francisco, London, Los Angeles, Toronto and Berlin is growing into a global movement. So how do we visually convey the identity of this idea we call the “DWeb”?”
— it was my honor to be interviewed by Wendy Hanamura for the Internet Archive blog about the very first step of DWeb branding.

And so the process continues. Having biweekly design-n-content reviews, a small team is working on the MVP website, building the brand identity system to match the growing community.

And we are looking for collaborators:
if you know “creative coders” - people who love experimenting with algorithms and generative design, please drop me a DM, or connect us via email >> iryna.nezhynska (at) gmail (dot) com.

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