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Thermodo Website website

Tonight we celebrated the end of our Thermodo Kickstarter campaign. It's been an overwhelming and fantastical journey and after a month of living and breathing this thing, the clock finally ran out at $336,018 from 8,776 Backers across the world. A whooping 960% funding of what we asked for. I'll be telling my kids about this one day, it has truly been an epic ride.

But when the campaign ended, we also pushed live a new Thermodo site that would be able to handle pre-orders. And that's what i wanted to show you guys. The rendering of Thermodo is done by the awesome Michael Eidenberg who was so kind to help us out during the campaign. The rest of the design, copy, and video was done by me. I think we've managed to pull off a pretty cool presentation.

Check it out on http://thermodo.com

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