Sliding Tabs WordPress Plugin


Fully customizable, lightweight, responsive jQuery & WordPress plugin for creating beautiful tabs with animated content. You can use it as a menu, or as a simple component. Easy to install and configure. You can customize his appearance with CSS.

You can check out this WordPress Plugin at the live preview.
Available for purchase on CodeGrape for just $10!

The jQuery only plugin of this WordPress plugin is available at

Features included:

- Easy plugin installation for WordPress
- Fully customizable , use one of the included templates , or create your own
- Display unlimited number of tabs and no size limits
- The tabs can be placed horizontally or vertically
- Display any type of content including HTML, text, images, videos, forms, maps or plugins like sliders
- Search Engine Friendly , HTML code is easily indexed by search engines
- External Linking , open tabs via external links or the URL
- Multiple Tabs allowed on one page and can have different themes and options
- Nested Tabs can different themes and options without any conflict
- Mobile touchscreen support , both the tabs and the content have support for touchscreen interaction
- Autoplay support through the tabs when visitors arrive on your website
- API and Callback Functions for additional control of the tabs
- Choose animation settings and easing effects for the tabs and content
- Load external content dynamically with AJAX requests with cache system
- For content with different height, you can enable the auto-height setting
- Bookmarkable Tabs (DeepLinking/url-based)
- Save the active tab in a cookie so it can be re-opened when the page loads
- Create a carousel by looping back to the first/last tab at the end
- Slide Control , useful feature for controlling the number of tabs to slide at the time
- Cross browser support (Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera and IE7+)
- Help file is included

keyboard shortcuts: L or F like