Large View + iPhone Wallpaper:

Yesterday, I started a new weekly project: #seanwesmondays. I was talking to my good friend Matt the other night, and he said I should do a weekly project as a regular creative outlet and inspiration. He asked what I liked to do besides lettering, and I said I enjoy illustrating even though I haven't dedicated a ton of time to it lately. He said "There you go." So every Monday morning, I'll be doing an illustration of a simple idea, item, or word. I think the chalk style will be a good way to distinguish them from the bulk of my usual work. I hope to make it a fun little jumpstart you can look forward to at the beginning of each week.

I like to curate what I put on dribbble, so I likely won't post all of the illustrations here, but you can catch them on Instagram or Twitter every Monday if you're interested.

People seemed to like this one, so I made an iPhone 5 wallpaper out of it, and thought I'd at least share this first one here with you guys.


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