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Individual image/video item view from this project. Shows the most important info of the item - tags and number of comments. I want to make sharing as easy as possible as this is essential part of this app logic. So to share you simply mouseover the image and you can share right away. Available options are (for now):

✔ Facebook
✔ email

We're planning to add pinterest and foursquare.

On the left is image item, on the right you see video item which can be shared and played.

I've been playing around the sharing popup. Need your feedback on that. The left one done in black color which replicate the dark look of Share button. The right one is light but looks like the icons stand out more. What do you think?

I also included alternative shapes for the social icons.

Option 2
Option 3
Just a funny shape, I like it for some reason :)

Which one do you like better?


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