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051 - Siuroma Product Landing Page

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Keyword: CSS Layout

Translating a design layout into a CSS layout can be complicated. On one hand, we need to code the layout in the IDE. On the other hand, we also need to take care of the responsive design. If the design layout is complicated or the element cannot be built as a rectangle or square block to stack together, the CSS layout will be really hard to build.

With the help of web design IDE, we can fine-tune the design layout via an editor, which makes it so much easier for developers to arrange the elements in the right position. In the product page of the Siuroma essential oil roll-on, our designer design a pretty complicated layout which involved a lot of absolute positioned element. It required a huge amount of time to develop but the outcome is amazing. Please feel free to check out via the link below.

By Kevin Hon Chi Hang on 2020/02/19

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