Volvo Dashboard

Volvo Dashboard

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Hey, everyone!
At first, check out the attachment - there is much more inside. Why do I did this shot? Because, everything new to me it is a challenge and I did it for fun.

Dashboard can save your life if you can properly read it. So, first of all is a safety!

2. We are living in a digital era, so why do we need to use a usual circular speedometr/tachometr or other sensors? Yes, they are awesome (sometimes), but they are really heavy, have too much details, too much dashes/dots/remarks/etc. and it's too difficult to read them.

3. I'm tried to do the dashboard simple and clear as much as possible to instantly find the right point.

4. This dashboard is a single display, so some additional blocks (as navigator, weather, etc.) can be optionally configured - responsive design is a great thing :) But, of course, there is still much to do.

5. I removed everone unnecessary elements/blocks/inf. Even a steel frame - its makes too much terrible reflections/glares which are degrades perception.

6. All other pictograms/indicators are visible only when its necessary. 'The indicator has a value when its indicate something' - Jonathan Ive, Objectfield.

And yes, I changed the fuel icon - I don't like a gas station one :) Be sure you check the attachment.

P.S. Yeap, I have one mistake on the dashboard - I forget to change the transmission from 'R' to the 'D' ))

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