Visualizer I - Abrupt Interlude to a Breaking Point

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to be villainized?
of selfishness? embracing the anti side? being pushed beyond your max for ulterior motives? easily caught in toxic cycles? bottling up is a muscle? poisonous thoughts constantly seething actions? taking the easy way out? or simply feeding the wrong wolf?

maybe our self contradictions are never meant to be solved, mistakes were just boolean iterations shifting timelines to designated destinations; maybe inner peace is but a mere interior death, bringing everything in a colorless demolish fashion to the ground surrounded by deafening silence from all parties.

and maybe i’m just jealously delirious of those who seem to have achieved it, to never know a taste of something so far fetched is a cruel game of mind.

<%oh chill, everyone is missing something>>, 'sure, but is the thought of being irredeemable what makes us irredeemable?'

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