Day of The Dogs

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Day of the Dogs is on a mission to increase the live release rate of shelter animals in the city. Founded in 2015, the non-profit organization uses their social media channels to profile some 350 individual shelter animals every month. Their goal is to raise money to pre-fund the costs of care for at-risk cats and dogs and provide the resources rescue groups need to save animals in urgent need. And their method works. And their method works. In 2019 alone, Day of the Dogs helped save more than 4,500 animals in Houston.

With our rescue pups by our side, we were delighted to help Day of the Dogs founder Pam Siedler expand her audience through updated identity and branding, fresh website design and clarified messaging. And while Day of the Dogs continues to save lives in Houston, we're helping Pam bring her solution to the national stage with PetGiving. As a winner of the PetCo Innovation Showdown, PetGiving is building a tool for municipal shelters across the country to save more lives by funding a path from shelter to home.

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