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Client required a mobile-optimized version of their main site. They needed it so users can instantly access the core site's functions when the client is out at events they are partnered with.

Key goal of the mobile site is to:

1. View the fan mosaic.
2. Submit personal photos for free to be included in mosaic.
3. Purchase mosaic.
4. Share mosaic.

Wanted to make sure it was simple to understand while keeping all the necessary copy available. Landing page is the mosaic itself with the subsequent slides additional content such as introduction, copyright info, and video.

Clicking the 'Get Started' button begins a straightforward, step-by-step process for uploading one's photographs into their database along with simple tools to crop and rotate said images.

The very last steps encouraged the user to pre-order the mosaic featuring their image along with sharing the site with their friends.

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