Yova Web UI Design

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Yova’s website.

I’m not gonna’ lie, establishing a well complete connection between Yova’s brand assets by means of the overall feel of the website was a challenge.

An enormous portion of our work comprised of defining subpages, micro sections, sticky navigation, white space solutions, typography, and those little unique nips and tucks. All this with zero compromises on adherence to Yova’s core brand elements. Damn right we went out for a drink – or seven – after.

The photography and Yova’s core brand elements really come into their own here, forming a singular, unique story. Take a look at the attachment for more details.

Next time: we’re going mobile, and you’re coming with us. You know you want to.

Thanks to our friend Ilija Vujinovic for collaborating with us on this project.

Art direction: Petar Stojakovic
Branding: Marko Ivanovic
Web design: Petar Stojakovic
Motion: Nebojsa Jurcic
Writer: Lex Molnar

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