LoseIt! Moment in Path

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  1. Luke Bornheimer Luke Bornheimer

    I'm an active user of both LoseIt! and Path and would love to see an integration between the two companies, so I mocked up this concept as inspiration for both companies. Upon logging a weight loss, users would be prompted to share their accomplish with their family and close friends on Path. Check out the 'full pixels' screenshot to see the entire screen.

    I've also attached the entire Fireworks file I used to create this mock. By all means, feel free to mock up your own integrations using my Fireworks file!

    Note: These are mockups I did for an integration I would like to see Path add to their app. I do not work for Path nor have I ever worked for Path.

    about 1 year ago

  2. Abdallah Ahizoune Abdallah Ahizoune

    Nice work!


    10 months ago

  3. Luke Bornheimer Luke Bornheimer

    Thanks @Abdallah! I really appreciate the kind words.


    10 months ago

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