Transit Commuter iPhone App

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The morning commute with public transportation is a pain. If you do not plan your morning route in advance, goodluck making your train and bus connections. Geordie, your personal commute Robot lets you know when you should leave every day.

The project had very specific requirements and specifications on what the application should do. The most important specification is telling the user when they should start their route every day. The application should do one thing and do it really well and thats tell you when you should start your morning commute. High level thinking and immediate sketching was my first reaction. Thinking about what people do in the morning when they wake up and maybe even the night before. The goal is to get your mind in the right place to understand the problem. The project went through many iterations and sketches before narrowing down to the solution.

The application needs to be a simple utility application that you can pull out every day, have a quick look and then its back in your pocket. Because of this, the departure time is the main focus every time you open the application. By using a simple form pattern, the learning curve and on-boarding process is simple and intuitve. Each form can be drilled down into its own separate page where the user has its options. This matches really well with users mental models and provides a very simple and straight forward design.

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