Need help. A or B.

Need help. A or B.

Check x2 version for sure.

In Happymagenta we have a working concept of a shooter game and now are about to finally choose the graphic style, which will also affect the gameplay.

We're choosing between "pixel perfect" and "pixel art" graphic styles and would like to hear which one you like the most.

The style that we call "pixel perfect", a bit close to real life then to pixels, although painted and optimized for retina.

"Pixel art" is with big pixels and is a bit more "old style" - if you vote for it, then the game will get an additional and cool option - a completely destructible 3D landscape.

With either style the flying will be in a 3D space too, however, with "pixel perfect" it will be hard to make it fully destructible, so we are thinking if the fun of smashing the whole landscape with "pixel art" will overweight a more detailed pic.

So, vote and tell us which one is the instabuy and may be what else you'd like to see in such a game. As always with out games in this category it will be optimized for all devices. And will also have an option to use a second device as a remote controller + TV Out and AirPlay support.

Here you can see bigger images and vote.

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