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The Werkspot app is an international app for handymen to find jobs. I worked with a large scrum team on building and improving the app. This app is used by handyman in 3 countries, supports full translations, and was build in React Native for both iOS and Android.

On the new projects overview page, we had the challenge that the users wouldn't use the filters enough resulting in too many irrelevant jobs to scroll through. We solved this in 2 ways. 1. Made the filters always visible on the screen (not hidden under a filters menu. Using blue highlight colors to indicate if they are active. 2. We used machine learning to rank the most relevant jobs for the user on the top, even if they wouldn't use the filters enough.

After accepting a job posting the handyman can chat with the consumer. We discovered during user interviews that one app handyman were most familiar with was whatsapp and tried to use as many similar patterns as possible for them to understand our app. That is why we choose a conversational UX. Where chat between two users occurs, but also meta-data like the price paid for accepting this job is shared as a 'neutral' message in the chat time line.

One very important factor for Handyman to win jobs, is the quality of their profile. To make this easier to understand we present the profile to them in the same style that the user gets to see it, and named it 'public profile' instead of 'my profile'. With progress bars (not visible in this screenshot) we would indicate the quality of their profile and anything below 80% would appear as an orange warning, with 'low chance of winning jobs, improve your profile now'.

Project direction, UX design, and copywriting by me
UI design by Francesco

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