Baby Parker


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One night last week, I decided I would help out my GF and create a banner for our friends baby shower brunch the following morning. I thought that I would just kick on a movie (something I have seen a billion times) and phone this in real quick (7:30 pm). As I was phoning this in with a cyclone "P" this all too familiar feeling started to creep in: "This needs to be executed to the best of my ability and well thought out for fuck sake" . . .

As the night grinded on letter after letter another too familiar feeling crept in: "what the fuck are you doing! Just recycle some old shit and be done for christ sake!". . . So, I recycled the "K" I did a while ago and went to bed (3:00am).

Because I ended up pulling an "all-nighter" on this baby shower banner I ended up sleeping in and almost missing it. Doh! (11:45am) Nothing like rolling into a baby shower late with one of the main decorations. I have no excuses . . . I just love to practice my craft on every project that I take on. Stay tuned for my bachelorette party shirt design. A lovely mash-up of the white sox logo and st paddy's day colors :)

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