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  1. Adrian Kashivskyy Adrian Kashivskyy

    "iRachunek - proste wystawianie rachunków"

    Click here to visit the webpage (Polish language only).

    This is a webpage that I made for my iOS app - iRachunek (means "iBill" in Polish). It was made back in September but recently I fixed and improved some issues.

    What you see in the shot is only the cropped header, the page itself is 2800px high and there are some nicely designed sections. :P

    Keep in mind that there is a mobile version of the page, so if you're on iPhone or iPod Touch, you will see a different version of it.

    Click here to visit the page.

    Any feedback is appreciated. :)

    Note: @2x version is not a Retina version - it's 100% version. I just couldn't crop the page to 400x300 because it has large paddings and large font sizes, so you would see only a couple of words in it.

    about 1 year ago

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