High Fidelity

A book cover concept for the novel "High Fidelity".

The big themes that i wanted to show in this were: music, the "top 5" theme, and relationships.

I chose a set of headphones to represent the music, and also the main character's mind - I chose the specific photo because it looks like the outline of a head. After tracing the headphones with the pen tool, I sketched a grungy heart, and used this as my repeated element, to illustrate the top 5 breakups that are floating around within his mind.

Because this book is quite "indie" and hipster, I wanted everything to look as hand-drawn as possible...as if the lead character were sketching in his notebook. So, for the hearts, rather than tracing them with the pen tool, i simply went with live trace in order to preserve the grunginess/roughness. I found a couple handwritten fonts that i thought were perfect, and to further illustrate the breakups, I added cross marks with a pencil brush applied to keep the sketchy feel.

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