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Breathe Free 2 Logo

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Breathe Free 2 Logo healthcare sketch ultima font breathe freedom logo logo design green green logo quit smoking ultima figure health imperfect

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Here's a final logo for a new project. 'Breathe Free 2' is a program which is to be setup by the ICPA that will help people quit smoking via course modules, tips and advice.

I initially set out to explore various smoking/heart/lung related concepts for the mark, only to quickly discover that this wasn't the correct message for the logo and in fact seemed far too 'Lung & Heart Society' for a program intended to enlighten and enthuse someone to quit smoking.

In a sense, I needed to create a logo that didn't incoprporate these mundane and predictable shapes, but yet still got people half way there when guessing what the logo was for (the name helps too!).

The logo had to be friendly, simple and memorable (don't they all!), whilst communicating a sense of freedom, breathing and a fresh start. The client had also expressed the desire for the logo to contain multiple shades of their favourite color, green.

I'm really pleased with the outcome and although the mark itself may be imperfect and somewhat freehand, I think the Ultima typeface gave it that rounded, tight and friendly feel I was after.

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