Motomarkt is your best partner in selling and buying used cars. They offer complex services from professional consulting through car maintenance to dealing with all
of the necessary paperwork. Their outstanding transparency policy makes them the best car dealer in the whole galaxy (or maybe the whole universe, who knows).

Our goal was to capture the attention of the audience by simple, yet bold design. We also wanted to highlight the transparency, professionalism and trustworthiness
of Motomarkt, which are its main traits as a brand.

The main idea was to somehow express the multiplicity and depth of the services that Motomarkt offers. The slogan „The best offers in the whole universe” combined
with an eye-catching graphic of an astronaut and a car floating in space (figuratively and literally, when you scroll down) seem to fulfill their purpose perfectly.

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Posted on Feb 16, 2020
Lilac Agency
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