Photoshop Typecase Extension

Photoshop Typecase Extension

Don't you guys feel there's missing some typefaces organiser in Photoshop? I mean, I know we have font managers and everything but those are outside of the app, you set your collections nicely and then, open photoshop and there's a bigg mess in there.
I usually set up like 5 or 6 fonts for web, some for printing and so on, but photoshop displays all of them together, and, to be honest, I'm not interested in having arabic and japanese typefaces in the list to choose.

So I'm making this small extension, to create sets of typefaces you can access quickly.
There's one more feature that I think you guys will love, and it is to apply a selected type to all of the editable text fields in your file. It could be super useful to try some variations of your design.

I'm now wondering if I should brand it a little, or just leave it native, so it looks more integrated with the rest of the app.

What's your opinion? Do you find this one useful?

pd. I hope to have it ready to download by the end of the week :)

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