Ilina Spasova

Nystrup&Øskov Brand Design

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Redesign of the brand and the existing webpage,
including email marketing and SoMe Strategy.

Nystrup & Øskov company is a new and very present store concept. With many years of experience and with new and involved thoughts, Tanja Nystrup and Dorte Øskov have started the first of several unique clothing stores.
Being expertise from the fashion industry, they turn to a broad target group of women aged 15-60 who will be inspired. Their products are carefully selected. Tanja and Dorte are picky and even though they provide middle-level brands, the standard is high and the goods unique and very creative.

The vision: Their dream and vision are based on dialogue and close contact with the customers.

The mission: Create a business concept with close and honest contact with the customers that will be the future of Nystrp & Øskov.

The value: The site, which already had over 500 "likes" before its opening, has a high level of activity and it is supported by social media channels: Facebook and Instagram.

The goal: Be focused on a webshop and expand to different parts of Denmark.

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