Rethinking Product Rating System

As part of major redesign of a web Startup focusing on Product Research and Recommendation platform, I've simplified Product Rating System by splitting it into Good&Bad; where anything below 2 is Bad and above 3 is Good.

This unique User Interface for a product rating system allows -

1. user clearly choose thumbs up/down for each attribute of product
2. save user's time by splitting it in good or bad
3. avoids stressful experience of typical five stars with user keep looking at what each star and half star for e.g. aweful, poor
4. most importantly this type of rating system generates Good&Bad data for each product on each attribute which is than used to Compare Products section of site. Allowing user's to choose between products to buy.

Looking forward to all UX designer's comments on this Rethinking of heavily used rating system.

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