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  1. Luis Abreu Luis Abreu

    Part of the Dropbox for iOS redesign I'm working on (just fooling around).

    * Moved the Add button from the Nav Bar over to the Tab Bar to free up space there and make it available across screens.
    * There's now an Account screen that contains entry points to Shared Folders/Links/Account Activity Feed/Sharing Invites. Kind of porting functionality from the web interface while trying not to feature bloat.

    Obviously a work in progress, focusing on IA rather than anesthetics for now.

    Made with Sketch and Anthony's iOS Wireframe UI Kit - http://www.anthonyaubertin.com/wireframe

    about 1 year ago

  2. Luis Abreu Luis Abreu

    Unfinished personal Dropbox for iOS redesign project.

    After product and user research, I sketched a style guide & general overview of the app redesign on a huge wall-wide chalk board (super fun, not pictured here).

    The purpose of the redesign was to bring the iOS app to feature parity with the desktop and web apps, introduce multiple account support, access to better account management without exposing too much complexity.

    This screen shows a new tab bar hierarchy and Account screen where the person can view and manage the current account, plus file and folder Invites/Activity/Sharing/Links.

    6 months ago

  3. Luis Abreu Luis Abreu

    Sorry for the visual inconsistencies =) ( dotted lines, etc )

    6 months ago

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