Logo Design for Grounded, developed with the team at GoodMeasure: a volunteer organization that brings together top creative talent across multiple disciplines to launch brands for worthy causes and organizations making a positive impact in the world. We came together as strangers, united around this project, and left as friends.

In just 72 hours we accomplished what a normal agency would spend months creating. I could sum up the weekend with a few words: ego-less, collaborative magic.

We wanted a logo that included a symbol that is simple enough to easily be drawn in crayon, and looks great on a t-shirt so that our artists and mentors would be eager to wear it. We landed on a bold and angular dissected uppercase “G,” featuring a prominent arrow that represents transformation, movement, and elevation. We paired the symbol with a thick, low-profile sans serif wordmark, that is confident enough to stand on its own.

More work to come, but please check out the full case study :) https://www.taylordunhamdesign.com/case-study/grounded

Taylor Dunham
Design for Good.

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