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NEW PERSPECTIVE PODCAST EP 158: Are You Ignoring These 4 Signs & Missing Your Side Hustle Breakthrough?

There are signs and omens all around us, and it’s our job to notice them. You could be ignoring the exact thing you didn’t know you needed to elevate your side hustle to new heights you never could’ve imagined.

The following are the 4 signs you could be ignoring that are holding you back from getting the breakthroughs you’re wanting with your ambitious side hustle pursuits.

1.) ADVERSITY - What if this was happening FOR you instead of TO you?
2.) FEAR - This is an indicator of a new challenge you're excited to conquer
3.) PATTERNS & FORTUNES - These are cues for you to take action
4.) SYNCHRONICITY - These aren't serendipitous and coincidental opportunities (also, 11:11 anyone?)

Don't ignore the signs! You could be missing out on your big breakthrough and don't even know it.

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