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Shuttermuse - Logo Sketch

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Shuttermuse - Logo Sketch logo shuttermuse photography elephant brand mark animal wood cut style lino cut style

been asked by Dan Carr to create a bad-ass looking elephant for his professional photography business, in your not-so-typical-simplified logo style: preferably in the style of some previous animal sketches like the Silverback I've done some year ago. Though this one might pose a fat-ass challenge, because he not only asked for a more detailed illustrated logo, but he also wants aperture blades appearing somewhere in the ears area of the elephant.

Obviously this sketch needs some refinements in the ears area, feeth, tail, tooth and more. Though there's a billion of elephants out there, I'm happy with the overall pose. But hey, how many poses can an elephant take anyway :)

Guess I always need a challenge or two to pull myself through the next round of things. I could definitely go on for hours and hours here just to refine it to the bones. Guess I need a sack of new Microns!

If you're interested, check my prev sketch of Wessy the dog.

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