Daniela Pretorius

Daily UI #002 OneCard Credit Card Checkout

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Day 2 was all about credit card checkouts.

I’ve been using virtual credit cards for a while now, this brief really made me think a bit about how annoying it is to have to open a separate app and copy/paste the info into a checkout form. (and I suck at memorising even the smallest of things like CVC and expiry date, so I flip back and forth constantly)

The concept here is to have a 1Password type app just for cards, called OneCard.
(sure you can use 1password for this... but this is dribbble and a make believe brief/product...so let's just ignore that for now!)

Whenever we come across a checkout form the friendly TouchID/FaceID button pops up, by activating it, an overlay of the OneCard app opens your wallet. Simply “throw” your card onto the checkout page and it will automatically fill out the fields. 🤷

Additional Credits: Face ID by Jeff Portaro from the Noun Project

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