The White Violin

White violin d

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After great apprehension to do so, I broke and ended up buying a jumbo (12"x17"-ish) Moleskine sketchbook. The size is truly fantastic and really allows your hand and arm to move freely about the page without any worry of constraint. In order to get this bad boy started, I chose to do an illustration of The White Violin from Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. If you haven't done so yet, read that comic now... like, right now.

It took me a while to get around to reading it myself actually. Since it came out in the years of my college education, I didn't allow myself the opportunity of reading it then, although I'm sure it would've helped inspire me and my studies in some way, especially considering it was art school. Looking back on it, I didn't even have good excuse; even the library next door to my house had a copy. In the end, I bought one for myself to enjoy at my own leisure in the comfort of my own home, and man did I enjoy it. So in short, I recommend everyone give it a chance, or at least check it out several times from your library so that it at least makes you feel guilty for not reading it.

On another note:

I initially acquired this massive sketchbook in order to travel with it, but I had not anticipated its scale to that of my backpack. So I'm not quite sure how transportable it will ultimately be, but I plan on taking it for a spin with me to California this Friday for some good old life drawing exercises. If all goes well, I will return home with a more complete and hopefully intact sketchbook. Otherwise this White Violin sketch might be the one and only drawing attributed to this new sketchbook's name (Heraldo?) that sees the light of day

Enjoy this piece at least and with fingers crossed let's hope there's more to come!


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